2008 West
Data Direct
SOA, WOA and Cloud Computing: The New Frontier for Data Services
Red Hat
The Opening of Virtualization
User Environment Management – The Third Layer of the Desktop
Cloud Computing for Business Agility
CMIS: A Multi-Vendor Proposal for a Service-Based Content Management Interoperability Standard
Freedom OSS
Practical SOA” Max Yankelevich
Architecting an Enterprise Service Router (ESR) – A Cost-Effective Way to Scale SOA Across the Enterprise
Return on Assests: Bringing Visibility to your SOA Strategy
Managing Hybrid Endpoint Environments
Game-Changing Technology for Enterprise Clouds and Applications
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2008 West
Get ‘Rich’ Quick: Rapid Prototyping for RIA with ZERO Server Code
Keynote Systems
Designing for and Managing Performance in the New Frontier of Rich Internet Applications
How Can AJAX Improve Homeland Security?
Beyond Widgets: What a RIA Platform Should Offer
REAs: Rich Enterprise Applications
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Let's consider the pages of a traditional corporate Website. They include an 'about me' page, a contact page, a careers section, and probably a page with news and press releases. The words look good on paper, and, more than likely, a committee gave the final sign-off on the site's cont...
Can afford to take just one day off, get out of your cubicle and see what other people up to these days? Is J2EE still in favor? What's this ESB is about? Have you even heard of using Flex as a Web front end of your Java applications? Do not miss an event in NYC this Monday, that is cr...
The conviction of Kenneth Lay and Jeffrey Skilling was in no small part to Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) legislation. Does this mean the government has done something right? Does it mean the government may be on the right track on another issue, Net Neutrality?
Storage and Enterprise IT Analyst Marc Farley comments on the newly announced Quantum acquisition of ADIC. The $770 million acquisition can be viewed as a defensive move, but it also strengthens Quantum's story while competing against major enterprise IT vendors Sun Microsystems, HP, a...
SYS-CON author Frank Cohen, who also authored the book 'Java Testing and Design,' appeared with SYS-CON West Coast Bureau Chief Roger Strukhoff and IT Analyst Marc Farley on a recent 'TechMash' podcast, in which he addressed the challenges of developing and deploying AJAX applications ...
The growing influence of AJAX has been featured at SYS-CON events over the past several weeks, with a primary focus on the developer side of the equation. But what about the IT management aspects. Enterprise IT analyst Marc Farley joins Roger Strukhoff in a discussion about AJAX and IT...
Marc Farley, president of Building Storage, Inc., was interviewed by SYS-CON West Coast Bureau Chief Roger Strukhoff about the CEO transition at Sun, specifically about how Sun's storage strategy was, in his opinion, a bad deal at the time and one that does not bode well for the future...
SYS-CON West Coast Bureau Chief Roger Strukhoff comments on the renewed Oracle/JBoss rumors, considers the upcoming RIM court decision, and gossips a bit about emerging gossip in Silion Valley.
It's been a wet and wild January in Silicon Valley. Major Web 2.0 companies Yahoo and Google, in particular, have been in the news recently, with their executives now being covered like major celebrities. Can paparazzi be far behind?
Larry Ellison seemed firmly in control at a recent 'Town Hall' meeting with Scott McNealy. Meanwhile, the future of Java is being debated, and at least one industry pundit did not like the Consumer Electronics Show's recent emergence as the center of all attention in the IT industry.
Will Google be subverting Microsoft's market dominance? This is the question of the hour within the entire technology industry, large parts of which are gathered in Las Vegas for the annual Consumer Electronics Show. Larry Page is expected to make an announcement of a $200 PC that may ...
Happy New Year to all of SYS-CON's readers! The start of the year marks the 15th birthday of the Worldwide Web, and the key people and companies associated it show no signs of slowing down. The Web has re-created a culture of loosely coupled, highly performing applications, driven by a...
Linux creator Linus Torvalds issued a Christmas Eve exhortation to members of the Linux kernel mailing list (www.lkml.org) to help him test Linux 2.6.15-rc7. Revealing classic geek-think in assuming that most mailing list members were going to be 'bored out of their minds' on Christmas...
It's time for the Top 10 predictions of 2006. SYS-CON Publishing Director Jeremy Geelan spoke with several industry leaders to get their fearless predictions for the new year. Meanwhile, SYS-CON' Real-World AJAX Seminar is set to be held at the Marriott Marquis in New York on March 13.
SYS-CON Events has announced the first 'iTVcon Internet TV Conference & Expo, to be held in New York. Calls for papers, delegate registration, and information about sponsorship and exhibit opportunities can be found at the conference website, www.itvcon.com.
The industry's leading SOA web services companies debated technical merits and strategic philosophies during an hour-long webcast hosted by SYS-CON Publishing Director Jeremy Geelan and popular JDJ contributor Yakov Fain.
Macromedia and Limelight Networks have announced the immediate availability of Limelight MediaEdge Streaming for Macromedia Flash.
SYS-CON publishing director Jeremy Geelan analyzes the recent 'leaked' memos by Microsoft's Ray Ozzie and Bill Gates.
Oracle has released a free edition of its database, but is being criticized by open-source database developers as not understanding open source and what it's all about.
MySQL CEO Marten Mickos defended his company's SCO agreement and touted the company's upcoming MySQL 5.0 in an exclusive interview.
Constraints are an interesting way to write programs. In a constraint system, instead of listing a jumble of instruct
No, this is not a tutorial about Apple Keynote, but a first impression from me, who have just used it for the first time
My presentation about exposing Domain Models through RESTful Web-Services has been accepted at JFokus, a Java conference
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